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Ruby on Rails 2.2 Screencast

Produced by Gregg Pollack & Jason Seifer

Covering the newest features of Rails 2.2 including:

  • Scaling with Etags
  • Connection Pooling
  • New Enumerable Methods
  • The New Test Helpers
  • Internationalization
  • Much more new stuff from each Rails gem

This screencast also comes with code samples for a great number of the improvements we cover.

Running time: 44 minutes
QuickTime, Theora Ogg, and iPhone/iPod format

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"Overall I think this video is very solid. It is informative, accessible, has good examples, and above all is fun and entertaining to watch."
"The screencast and PDF are well worth your time and money if and when you are planning on working in Rails 2.2. "
"I feel like I have a much better understanding of the changes that occurred and already have noted a few places in my own code I can clean up once I’ve migrated to Rails 2.2."
~Mike Perham from
"I’ve decided it’s awesome, and I’m going to get copies for the rest of my team. You probably should, too."
~ from Goldstar
"Considering all the changes that have occurred in the six months between Rails 2.1 and Rails 2.2, this screencast does a good job in explaining all the new stuff."
"I really like the way they have integrated the live video into the program, keeping my attention and preventing me from slipping into a code-coma."
~ from
"Being able to see your presenters is very powerful and helps to keep your attention. I think its a game changer for commercial & educational screencasts. "
"If you want to learn without feeling like you're working and become enlightened on Rails 2.2 rapidly, this is the best $16 you can spend. "
~Jeff Chupp from
"If you’re working with Rails then you really should be checking this out."


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